visa blocking online Slot Gacor Hari Ini gambling transactions


It looks like the recent Congress proposals for internet Slot Gacor Hari Ini gambling legislation are already having an effect throughout the private sector, even before they’ve been debated. Apparently last week Visa implemented a policy to proactively block some internet gambling transactions from going through, including many legal transactions.

Account-wagering providers such as AmericaTab, TV Games Network, XpressBet, and are licensed state-regulated entities. The offshore operations are not. The Los Angeles Daily News, which first reported the situation in its May 24 edition, cited industry experts who said Visa and the banking industry are targeting Internet gambling because it is a “suspected source of cash flow for terrorist groups.”


After the fiasco with the terrorist anti-drug ads, I’m surprised to hear the terrorist card being played here. Nevertheless, it’s a sign that the big financial organizations are starting to take measures of their own regardless of whether the legislation goes through this session.

Prediction: international Paypal-like businesses will start to see their turnover go through the roof as online gamblers scurry to find safe intermediaries for opening accounts.

hilarious onion article

“Casino Has a Great Night”:

“We’ve got a system,” Brant said. “Our strategy is to bet against all the customers who come in here. Then we spread our bets around to each and every table and machine in the casino and keep at it for the long haul. We were down about $200 at one of the roulette tables, but were up on everything else, so we came out pretty much ahead. Actually, more than half a million ahead.”

mgm mirage to enter UK market

Pending approval, MGM Mirage is going to take a 25% stake in Metro Casinos in the U.K. This is a great development for U.K. casinos and U.K. poker. MGM Mirage knows how to run a casino, and they know how to run a poker room. They run two of the best in Vegas — if not the world — at the Bellagio and Mirage. It remains to be seen how much management say they’ll have through their 25% ownership. Hopefully quite a bit.

good story on commerce

Good story on how revenue from the Commerce Casino (probably the top poker spot in LA) has made the town of Commerce one of the wealthiest in proportion to its residents:

When Georgina and Tony Escalera moved back to Commerce 10 years ago, they knew one thing: It’s a place of plenty when it comes to city-provided perks.

Their three children attended preschool for free. The family pays nothing for trash service. While they added a second story to their home, the city sent them $22,000 in home-improvement rebate checks.

It’s good to see some coverage of the upside of legalized poker. California is a fascinating study in gambling because most legalized (non-Indian) gambling there is poker. I’d like to read some comparisons between the effects of legalized card rooms in California versus legalized wider gambling in other areas. California is apparently be able to sustainably support its over 200 legal cardrooms, in contrast with other areas where just a small number of casinos with banks of low-payout slot machines and table games seem to cause more widespread social problems.

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