sanghoki rides a triple up to the late break


With the hours dragging on and some stacks starting to look a little short, one of our shortest stacks dannyboy904 took down a nice pot heading to the last break in the nights play.

The player to his left pushed hard only to have another player come over the top harder, when the action came to sanghoki he made his move and pushed all-in. The initial raiser thought long and hard before getting out of the way leaving dannyboy904 heads up. Having been especially patient in the early stages of the day I was certain he would only be making such a move with a big hand, he just isn’t the reckless type. When the cards were flipped it was dannyboy904’s A-K all hearts up against pocket Queens. He got out in front real quick with an ace on the flop, and from there it was all cream. A third ace on the turn gave him the absolute nuts and a king on the river for the full house was the finishing touch on a beautiful hand. dannyboy904 quickly rocketed up from about 20,000 to 60,000. With the hand over the initial raiser was left to ponder what might have been, having laid down A-K himself, dannyboy904 was very glad not to have shared that pot.

At the last break, with the average stack at about 55,000 our chip stacks looked like this:

Halo77 you are a bad, bad man…

With the board showing A-Q-rag, and action heads up Halo77 fired 4,000 at the pot. His opponent thought hard and long, but eventually made the call. Another rag came on the turn and he fired another 11,000 into the pot, his opponent had a quick think this time, but threw his hand away.

Just before Hallo77 started raking in his chips he flipped his cards face up into the muck… 8-2 offsuit. His grin said it all.

Another day 1 casualty

billbones had some good runs early but as the day rolled on the poker gods weren’t quite as kind. He stayed alive late with a great laydown when he couldn’t shake a caller on the flop and the turn got nasty on him. He took a hit in that hand, and with his stack dwindling he moved all-in with pocket 7’s, unfortunately he ran into pocket 10’s and his tournament was done.

Pocket Aces just aren’t what they used to be…

We have our first casualty of the day, and unbelievably he went down holding pocket aces!

Barcajuve looked good on the flop hitting an ace for a nice little set. He showed his strength there and moved all-in. He got a caller and with the cards flipped his pocket aces were up against A-T of clubs with 2 clubs on the flop. A blank on the turn saw him move from roughly a 70% favorite to about a 80% favorite with one card to come.

Unfortunately that last card was the 4 of clubs, and Barcajuve’s opponent rivered his flush sending Barcajuve to the rail in horrible fashion.

BatataSC takes a cruel blow

BatataSC found himself in a great spot, a short stack at his table moved all-in, and BatataSC was sitting on pocket rockets. He made the easy call and when his opponent flipped up 6-7 suited he was well in front.

Unfortunately the flop was just plain nasty, his opponent went from well behind to well in front when the flop hit 6-7-8 for 2 pair. A ten on the turn gave hope of a split pot, but a blank on the river saw a stack of chips go across the table.

All of our players that have taken hits today have fought back to be in good postion so hopefully BatataSC gets back on track and continues his strong play.

Lets face it, everyone needs a cracked aces story!

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