Facebook ads for real estate


Relevant content on your real estate blog is essential for SEO. This is why comments to your articles are fantastic as they provide more content to the conversation. Blogging is essentially asking for interaction and Google definitely ranks pages higher in their index if they have created interaction and conversation.

These days it’s becoming more apparent that the consumers of content are more likely to comment on a facebook post than an article written on a blog so some clever people have built a wordpress plugin to import Facebook ads for real estate.

How Does It Work?

Download or install via your WordPress admin page the Facebook Comments Importer plugin.

Activate the plugin and navigate to the FB Comments Importer Settings page

Enter your facebook page id number. If your not sure what this is or where to find it, just hover your mouse over your facebook pages profile picture and the id will appear on the URL at the bottom of your browsers page. You can also right click your profile picture and select properties.

Add a post to your facebook page and include the full link to your blog post. Now every time someone comments on that article it will also display as a comment on your blog. **BE PATIENT** it can take an hour or 2 for the comments to appear after it as added to facebook. but it does work.

Feel free to test the plug in out. Just go to my Online Agents Facebook Page and comment on any post which includes a link to an article on my blog.


Today I’ve launched our new and improved link directory for websites with relevance to real estate and real estate marketing. It’s simple to add a link to your real estate website or blog. Just follow these steps;

Fill in the form on our Link Exchange page.

Click Submit Link

Become a fan of Online Agents Facebook Page, or add a link to our blog on your site

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All real estate links relevant will be accepted, however if you are not a fan of our facebook page or have not added a reciprocal link on your site then your link will be removed after 7 days.

Remember, links to your website from other sites relevant to real estate is great for your ranking in the search results.